This free wireless network service is provided by the network operator where the user’s current Internet environment is located and the merchant (shop) that provides network access, and is developed and supported by MoeWiFi.

NOTE: In order to use this Wireless Network Service, Customer shall carefully read and comply with the MoeWiFi Terms of Service and shall not use this Wireless Network Service unless Customer has read, fully understands and accepts all terms of this Agreement. User’s use of this wireless network service is deemed to have read and agreed to be bound by this agreement.


Network operator:  refers to the network broadband operator who signs a contract with a merchant to provide network broadband services for the merchant.

Merchant (shop):  refers to the operator who provides wireless network access for users and is engaged in product sales or service provision, and is the owner or user of the network equipment connected by users.

User:  An individual who uses a wireless network service by accessing the network through a mobile phone or other mobile device terminal through a merchant device.

Wireless network service:  refers to the user through the wireless router provided by the business or merchant access to the network to enjoy the wireless Internet service.

MoeWIFi: refers to the technical development and technical service provider MoeWiFi referred to in this contract.

This service: MoeWiFi provides wireless network and other services.

Applicable Contents of Terms of Service:

Use of this service requires prior agreement to the terms and conditions of this service. In addition, when the user begins to use this service, it is deemed to have agreed to all the contents of this clause.

In addition to these terms and conditions, users are required to comply with the laws and regulations of the country or region where the service is provided, and users are required to agree to the relevant terms and conditions signed with the telecommunications industry when using the wireless network.

Service Content:

1. The wireless network service is provided to the users of the merchants to which the current network belongs. When using, it should abide by the terms of service of MoeWiFi wireless network and relevant laws and regulations.

2. Users can use the wireless network supported by MoeWiFi to connect to the Internet through smartphones, tablets, general computers and other devices.

3. The wireless network supported by MoeWiFi is free of charge for users. However, if users use the network when any other costs, users need to bear their own costs.

4. The wireless network supported by MoeWiFi is not encrypted because of its improved convenience.MoeWiFi will try its best to protect the network security of users when using this service, but users should bear the responsibility of protecting their own network security when using this service.MoeWIFi makes no commitments or commitments in respect of any losses incurred by the user when using this network.

Information Collection:

(1) MoeWiFi uses technologies such as Cookies to assist users in completing wireless network access services, so you need to authorize MoeWiFi to use your Cookies, but we will not upload your Cookies to MoeWiFi servers.

(2) When users use the wireless network services provided by MoeWiFi, they may be collected a small amount of necessary anonymous information due to business needs, which will be encrypted and stored and access rights will be strictly controlled.

(3) MoeWiFi will not collect any information other than network authentication and business needs, such as user’s Internet access information, but network operators may still see or collect such data, details need to refer to the relevant regulations of network operators.

(4) MoeWiFi may use the collected data internally because the business needs it.MoeWiFi is very concerned about the protection of your personal information, so MoeWiFi will not disclose any of your information to other unauthorized third-party individuals or groups.


In addition to local laws and regulations, the following matters are strictly prohibited when using the services provided by MoeWiFi:

1. Infringement and possible infringement of the copyright or other rights of the network facilities or third parties

2. Acts that infringe and may infringe upon the property or privacy of the network facilities or third parties

3. Acts that cause and are likely to cause disadvantage or damage to the network facilities or third parties

4. Acts of slander, defamation of the network facilities or third parties

5. Improper collection and disclosure of information and intelligence data owned by the network facilities or third parties, etc.

6. Acts contrary to or likely to be contrary to moral customs, and provision of acts contrary to moral customs by others

7. Criminal acts and acts likely to lead to criminal acts or the possibility thereof

8. The use or dissemination of harmful programs such as viruses through this network facility.

9. The act of sending a large number of e-mails or other inducements to specific or unspecified objects for the purpose of network sales, multi-level direct sales, business provision, induced sales or other purposes.

10. Other acts that do not conform to the purpose of use provided by the Service

Service Change, Suspension or Termination:

This service may be suspended for failure, maintenance or other reasons.

This service may be changed, suspended, or terminated without notice to the consumer.


1. This service does not accept individual inquiries from users about the settings and connections of smartphones, tablets and ordinary computers.

2. This service is affected by signal and network conditions, and does not improve connection speed and quality assurance.

3. The network connection provided by this service and the sending and receiving information generated are not guaranteed.

4. MoeWiFi shall not be liable for any damage or loss arising from the use of or inability to use the Service by the Subscriber.


The content of this clause can be changed without the consent of the user or prior notification.

When using this service after the change of this clause, the user automatically agrees to the content of this clause after the change.

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